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Unlimited Workouts

Create as many workouts as you want. Group and sort your exercises within a workout and setup your sets. Perfect for warm up sets or pyramid trainings: define different settings for each individual set.

Unlimited Exercises

Choose from 50+ exercises with animated images showing movements and targeted muscle groups. Choose their language without changing your App's language. And if you need to, you can create your own custom exercises, as many as you want.

Fast Logging

Log your workout in an efficient way thanks to the innovative, minimalistic UI. Pre-filled pickers and functions such as Quick-Log make logging a piece of cake. Want to automatically move to the next exercise? Try out assisted move mode!

Log Notes

Extend your logs with notes. Use it to write down how you felt during the exercise, to add a reminder for the next time or for anything you want - it's free text (you can even use Emoji icons)!

Workout Control

The innovative Workout Matrix and the progress bar give you always a detailed overview about your current workout. In addition, you can always see your exercise's previous logs and the exercise's statistics as a line graph.

Workout Timer

Time your pauses using either the global timer or a timer specific to each workout exercise. You can obviously choose from different durations. Need a more powerful timer?

Detailed Analysis

View your logs grouped by workout, by exercise or other grouping options and check out information such as average or total repetitions using the clear and interactive line graphs and doughnut charts.


Choose between metric (kilograms, meters) and imperial (pounds, feet) system of units. The App and exercises are available in English, German, French and Italian. The App is also available in Spanish, Portuguese and partially Russian. Want to provide a translation for your language?

Heat Maps

Check out how your muscle groups are being trained based on the repetitions and the total weight of the exercises in your workout.

Body Measurements

Track your body measurements and analyze your progress in interactive line graphs. You can track basic information (weight, height, body fat, body water and muscle mass) as well as circumferences (neck, shoulders, chest, upper and lower arms, waist, hips, thighs and calves).

Health App Integration

Completed workouts with their date, start time, end time duration, name and optionally active calories and heart rate are automatically saved to the Health app upon completion. Some body measurements (weight, height, body fat and waist circumference) will also be synced with the Health app.

Apple Watch App

Use GymBook for Apple Watch to log your workouts directly from your wrist and whilst keeping your iPhone in your pocket or even at home.


Link to GymBook from other apps and websites. The supported URLs are gymbook://, gymbook://workouts, gymbook://exercises, gymbook://logs, gymbook://measurements and gymbook://settings.

Dark Mode

On iOS 13, GymBook is fully compatible with Dark Mode. Every single theme has both a light as well as a dark version!

No Ads

GymBook comes with no ads, even in the FREE version.

More Features

The free version of GymBook already provides tons of functionalities. By activating some of the extra features you can make GymBook even better and support its further development.


Choose from one of the thirteen app icons and nine designs. Choose the ones that bring out the best in you during your training, or the ones that fit your outfit best. And if you can't decide, give the random function a try!

More Exercises

Immediately get additional exercises for a total of 250+ exercises and get a free pass for all exercises that we will add in the future.

Super Timer

Make your timer even better: set a secondary timer, activate the graphical timer and change the sound of your timer. Don't want to start the timer each time after an exercise? Enable timer auto start!


Export your precious logs as CSV and XML files, backup all your data as a database file and share workouts (or whole workout groups). Your logs can be used outside of GymBook, your backup can easily be imported back into GymBook on any other device and your workouts can quickly be shared with other GymBook users.


Stay focused on your workout and make sure you keep getting stronger thanks to GymBook's assistance functionalities.


Upload a backup to iCloud and restore it on any of your iCloud devices.

Happy Developers

Any feature you purchase makes you a GymBook supporter who contributed in making GymBook better. Thank you for that!

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum

The feature packages Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum bundle GymBook's extra features. Check it out!

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